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Problems Lightroom mobile v. 2.6.0 for iPad iOS buggy dont update

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 | Author:

If you use Lightroom mobile dont update to v. 2.6.0. when viewing photos if you hide the menu-bar the image no longer enlarges to the size of the screen. Instead it just hides the menus leaving a border around the image. This worked fine until now. After checking with the Adobe support forum  Rikk Flohr Adobe employee stated:

Q: “New update no longer enlarges image to screen height when hiding bottom Toolbar”

A: “That is correct, Alberto. What you are seeing is the intended behavior.  If you would like a change in the current behavior, consider posting an “Idea” on this forum detailing your request and rational.”



So until this point once you hid the menu the image would enlarge to fill the screen. Now it stays awkwardly displayed

Here’s a video of the problem


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Google new Pixel sucks, ugly step backwards. Google support sucks too!

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016 | Author:

Since I could remember I’ve been using Google Nexus phones. They were always sensible options to the alternative devices that came full of bloatware or were priced insanely high.

I’m currently on the Nexus 6p (which is giving me headaches since the Nougat update.)  Its a beutiful phone. Its sleek, fast and has great features like stereo front facing speakers and 3-amp USB-C charging. Great camera etc. All for an affordable price.


Nexus is dead! Enter the Pixel phone. First thing to note. Its UGLY. I mean really ugly! speakers are now at the bottom the rear has a hatch looking square around the finger-print sensor. It has antenna markings like an old iPhone. Its hideous. Its pricey too!


Another BIG problem is that now this new phone has features not available to the Nexus like. Such as the assistant and free full size photo backup. So they are pretty much screwing old Nexus followers. So you’re paying much more for something that looks crappier. Just because someone had an idea up at Google. Try to compare the appearance of this phone to lets say the iPhone 7 or Nexus 6p. Its look inferior. Actually Huawei the maker of the Nexus 6p declined to build the Pixel due to issues with branding. So HTC built the new Pixel.


One final note of Google Support. Its horrible!! I’ve had the Nexus 6p for less than a year. The phone is awesome… but once the Nougat update came out. The phone became the most unreliable I’ve seen. I called Google support and spent hours with them on the phone. Useless…. they sent a new unit which starter rebooting randomly just like my original phone. After factory resets… and running safe mode. The phone still reboots a few times a day. Sometimes while on a call. Which is really bad… I was on a call with the State Police and the phone rebooted…. 5 minutes later I was on a call with the towing company the phone rebooted again.  This only stared happening after Android 7. Even with minimal apps installed it reboots. I spent another 2h on the phone with Google Support and they are now sending a refurbished phone. This would be the third phone. I want a refund at this point. I probably end-up getting an iPhone which is amazing since I’m 100% Google.





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Tmobile SamsungNote 3 Wifi calling on Cyanogen – The work around

Friday, November 14th, 2014 | Author:

So you installed Cyanogen or any other ROM and lost wifi calling. Here’s my work around which is not perfect but works for me.

  • Setup Google Voice get a free number or use your existing account
  • Install Hangouts
  • Install Hangouts Dialer. Configure Hangouts to receive calls: Guide here

Now you need an app to forward your tmobile calls to Google Voice. I listed two one paid and one free. They both work

Simple call forwarding [PAID APP]

Call forwarding [Free alternative]


Optional app that will put your phone on airplane mode but leave wifi on:
Auto Airplane Mode:


So when you’re in an area with no coverage just start the forwarding and your calls will come-in to Hangouts. You can also make call via WIFI via Hangouts. You can use the optional app “Auto Airplane Mode” to kill the Cell radio to save power. While leaving wifi on. The program can be scheduled so you can have it turn-on on a schedule.

This setup is not perfect because if you make calls they will show up as the GV number. Its not pretty but it works.



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Rigid 6800 trifuel conversion

Friday, January 03rd, 2014 | Author:

This is just a kit you can buy online, plus a 1/2 ID hose an quick-disconnect.

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Fixing Cyanogenmod RC5 update CWR Status 7 errors. Sprint Galaxy S3

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 | Author:

So you’ve been running all the latest CM updates until around CM 10.1 RC2 and now you’re faced with “Status 7” errors…. you’ve tried wiping the entire phone, you tried a different recoveries, and all the useless suggestions on the CM comment page. This is what worked for me.



  1. Download MD4 Firmware:
  2. Flash Firmware using recovery (CLockWorkMod or Teamwin work)
  3. Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache
  4. Install the CM RC5 or whatever release you wanted to install.
  5. Done

I would like to thank the XDA community for hosting the files needed:


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